Khamayati has been inspired by the rich and varied legacy of Rajasthani culture, and Komal Kothari, who worked with and established the modern context of these great traditions. SWRC Tilonia, Barefoot College, was initiated into understanding this extraordinary musical tradition, and collaborated with Rupayan Sansthan and Komal Kothari in organizing Lok Utsavs since 1984. The knowledge and legacy of Komalda’s tradition of collective work with folk culture continues to inspire all our efforts. Komalda was the touchstone for these activities. He always provided space for discussion so that the artists and performers could participate in discussions about their own problems. The transition from a feudal social relationship with patrons to modern musicians was facilitated by him. Khamayati is the raga used as the invocation for the beginning of all concerts. The name was chosen as both an invocation, and a celebration of tradition.

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