Pabuji Ki Phad

phupha ji ki paad

19th October 2014,

Ishararam and team, Dhanau, Barmer

Pabuji Ki Phad is a religious scroll painting of folk deities, which is used for musical rendition by the Bhopa community in Rajasthan who are considered to be the priest singers of Pabuji. This art form is performed in front of the scroll (Phad) through a combination of folk singing and dancing. The songs narrate the story of the deity Pabuji in a particular sequence. The Bhopas carry the Phad to the place/village they are invited to. The Phad is kept rolled during transit. Before starting the performance, Bhopas set up the Phad between two poles in a suitable public place shortly after dusk. The performance goes on throughout the night and terminates only towards dawn.