Asin Khan Langa
Sindhi Saarangi, Vocalist

Asin Khan, being one of the youngest Saarangi players, handles the instrument with utmost delicacy. Taking the audience on a magical journey is an effortless task for him. It is true in every sense to say he is an example of how youngsters can carry forward a legacy, when a skill is passed on to them from the older generation. He has travelled to many countries such as America, Norway, Italy, UK etc performing with leading musicians and singers like Brij Mohan, Kavita Krishnamurty, Dr Subramanium and many more. He plays for all occasions such as weddings, births and festivals.

Troupe: Meherdin Khan Langa, Bundu Khan Langa, Askar Khan Langa, Nek Mohammad Langa, Anwar Khan Manganiar, Feroze Khan Manganiar, Hayat Khan Langa and other musicians from Barnawa and Jodhpur

Instrument: Sindhi Saarangi
Location: Badnava, Block: Pachpadra, District: Barmer, Rajasthan
Phone: +91 9784158846