Chanan Khan
Kamayacha, Vocalist
  • Phone:

    +91 9828822430

Born into a traditional manganiyar community, the skill for playing Kamayacha comes quiet naturally to Chanan Khan. His Kamayacha, which has been passed on to him by his grand father was bought for Rs 7 and has been kept intact since then by his family. Underlining the fact that music has always been the most important factor in their lives.  Chanan Khan is the finest Kamayacha player after the Late Padma Shri Sakhar khan. He has travelled to places all over Europe, France, America, Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, Italy and many more, performing with greatest musicians both in India and abroad. It is blissful to hear him play ragas on his Kamayacha. These ragas are often based on the time of the day, seasons, festivals, and traditional ceremonies or occasions. His renditions also include devotional songs which are excerpts from Kabirdas, Surdas, Tulsidas, and Meerabai verses. He is also a vocalist.

Contact Information

Village: Bisu Kala
Tehsil: Sheo
District: Barmer, Rajasthan
Pin code: 344701