Gazi Khan Manganiyar
Khartal, Vocals

It’s a thrill to watch Gazi Khan play Khartal in perfect rhythm with dholak. The way he creates complex percussion sounds with the four wooden pieces is admirable. He is not only an expert Khartal player, but also an exceptional Sufi Vocalist, and renders authentic folk ragas. His ability to customize and design stage performances is a feather in his cap. He has travelled to all the countries of Europe, Asia and America and participated in all well known folk festivals. He has accompanied with renowned rhythm instrument players like Zakir Hussain, A. R. Rehman etc.

Troupe: Ghewar Khan Manganiyar, Dara Khan Manganiar, Anwar Khan Manganair, Feroze Khan Manganiar, Mehruddin Khan Langa, Barkat Khan Manganiar, Bundu Khan Langa and various senior and young artists of Jaisalmer and Barmer.

Location: Village Barna, District; Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Phone: +91 9414150061
Other areas of interest: Interested in lecture demonstration, educational projects, attending trainings and meetings