Nek Mohammad Langa
vocalist, Rajasthani folk, Sufi

Nek Mohammed is another exceptional singer belonging to Barnawa village. When he starts singing with his powerful voice, he leaves the listener with great awe. The clarity in his voice and pronunciation of words is something that attracts the attention of audience. The repertoire of his music include folk songs related to seasons, festivals, weddings, births, and other occasions; bhajans of Kabirdas, Tulsidas, Meerabai, Surdas and also Sufi music. He often performs with the group of Langa musicians residing at Barnawa. He not only trains children and younger musicians of Barnawa but also promotes their music and gives them opportunities at various platforms.

Troupe: Meherdin Khan Langa, Bundu Khan Langa, Askar Khan Langa, Kadar Khan Langa and other musicians from Barnawa

Other areas of interest: Interested in lecture demonstration, educational projects, attending trainings and meetings