Meherdin Langa
Sarangi, Surinda, Algoja, Morchang

Meherdin Langa, an ex-sarpanch of his village, Barnawa, is a versatile musician. He plays many instruments and is one of the very few musicians to master the rare instrument Surinda. While his sarangi provides rhythm to the vocalist, his beautiful melodies of algoja add sweetness in the air. He performs with vocalists such as Bundu Khan, Nek Mohammad, Askar Khan and Kadar Khan of his village.  When these musicians perform together with their distinct voices and playing styles, the music they create forms a special memory in the minds of the audience.

Troupe: Nek Mohammad Langa, Bundu Khan Langa, Askar Khan Langa, Kadar Khan Langa, Anwar Khan Manganiar, Feroze Khan Manganiar, Ghewar Khan Manganiar, Gazi Khan Manganiar (Barna), Dara Khan Manganiar, Asin Khan Langa and other musicians from Barnawa

Location: Barnawa, Block: PachPadra, Barmer, Rajasthan
Phone: +91 9829239671