Kadar Khan

Kadar Khan who plays sindhi sarangi is one of the respected musicians among his community. The ease with which he plays various notes on his instrument and the calmness which he radiates in his singing while supporting the main vocalists in a group, is something that brings smile to any listener. His repertoire includes ragas

Habib Khan Langa

Habib Khan Langa is a versatile musician who masters more than three instruments. Apart from Sarangi, he can also play Algoja, Morchang and often acts as a supporting vocalist in the group. With his Algoja, he can play sweet ragas for occasions such as births, weddings and enlighten the ambience. And his morchang can fill

Dodha Khan Fakir

Dodha Khan is one of the senior most Satara /Pawa Jodi or Aljoga players in the community. He has traveled far and wide across the globe mesmerizing the audience with the varied folk ragas he plays on his Aljoga. He learnt this art from a well known musician from Pakistan, Ustad Misri Jamali, and contributed

Sawan Khan Langa

Sawan Khan is a highly expressive personality who plays the Algoja in an attractive manner. When he picks up his instrument and starts playing a tune, the listener has no choice but to get involved in his swaying melody. He has unique style of explaining his music to the audience in a language that is

Kamruddin Khan Langa

Kamruddin Khan has learnt the art of playing Algoja from the proficient Dodha Khan. He is now an expert who has in-depth knowledge about ragas. He plays for various occasions and his melodies can add grace to the atmosphere. Location: Village: Beejrad, District:Barmer, Rajasthan Phone: +91 9982858795 Other areas of interest: Lecture demonstration