Kadar Khan

Kadar Khan who plays sindhi sarangi is one of the respected musicians among his community. The ease with which he plays various notes on his instrument and the calmness which he radiates in his singing while supporting the main vocalists in a group, is something that brings smile to any listener. His repertoire includes ragas

Habib Khan Langa

Habib Khan Langa is a versatile musician who masters more than three instruments. Apart from Sarangi, he can also play Algoja, Morchang and often acts as a supporting vocalist in the group. With his Algoja, he can play sweet ragas for occasions such as births, weddings and enlighten the ambience. And his morchang can fill

Asin Khan Langa

Asin Khan, being one of the youngest Saarangi players, handles the instrument with utmost delicacy. Taking the audience on a magical journey is an effortless task for him. It is true in every sense to say he is an example of how youngsters can carry forward a legacy, when a skill is passed on to

Hayat Khan Langa

Hayat Khan who has many awards to his recognition is indeed an ‘Ustad’ in playing Sarangi. This versatile musician not just expertizes in Sarangi, but also plays Morchang and is a vocalist too. Hayat Khan whose talent has taken him all around the world works for the Song and drama division under Ministry of communication

Feroze Khan Manganiar

Feroze is a resident of Hamira village in Jaisalmer and also a son of the late Sakar Khan Sahib, who received the Padma Shri for his excellent mastery over the Kamayacha. He is known to be one of the best percussionists in his community. In his musical family, Feroze, apart from playing the dholak, is

Gazi Khan Manganiyar

It’s a thrill to watch Gazi Khan play Khartal in perfect rhythm with dholak. The way he creates complex percussion sounds with the four wooden pieces is admirable. He is not only an expert Khartal player, but also an exceptional Sufi Vocalist, and renders authentic folk ragas. His ability to customize and design stage performances