Hakim Khan Manganiar

Hakim Khan plays and he is known for the clarity he plays all the notes with. His repertoire includes ragas, jangra shaili geet, Meerabai, Tulsidas, Kalidas and Surdas bhajans. He has also travelled to places for performances. He sings for all occasions such as weddings, births, festivals and other ceremonies. Location: Gram post- Village: Harwa,

Chanan Khan

Born into a traditional manganiyar community, the skill for playing Kamayacha comes quiet naturally to Chanan Khan. His Kamayacha, which has been passed on to him by his grand father was bought for Rs 7 and has been kept intact since then by his family. Underlining the fact that music has always been the most

Ghewar Khan Manganiar

Ghewar Khan is a resident of Hamira in Jaisalmer and is the eldest son of the late Sakar Khan Sahib, who received the Padma Shri for his excellent mastery over the Kamayacha. Ghewar Khan is a great exponent of the Kamayacha and his mastery over the instrument gives continuity to the rich musical traditions of