Asin Khan Langa

Asin Khan, being one of the youngest Saarangi players, handles the instrument with utmost delicacy. Taking the audience on a magical journey is an effortless task for him. It is true in every sense to say he is an example of how youngsters can carry forward a legacy, when a skill is passed on to

Anwar Khan Manganiar

Anwar Khan is a professional Manganiar musician who is one of the leading vocalists of folk, Sufi and traditional music of western Rajasthan. His intelligence in establishing communication with audiences from varied cultural backgrounds, understanding and tradition, the correctness of his lyrics and his commitment to inter faith worship, lends richness and depth to his

Gaazi Khan Manganiar

Gazi Khan, is an exceptional musician, with a rare voice, and sings softly and in the lower octaves. His voice may often get lost in the group, but those who hear his solo performances, go back with a special memory. His style with pronounced “gamak” is reminiscent of south Indian classical music, but it blends

Multan Khan Manganiar

Multan Khan, brother of the Kamayacha expert Late Chanan Khan, leads the group as a vocalist. He masters the semi-classical genre of folk music called Jangra and also several other folk songs that portray the richness of traditional ceremonies such as royal procession, birth of a child and also songs which narrate the stories of

Bundu Khan Langa

Bundu Khan is one of the best singers of a traditional folk singing group of Sarangiya Langas, who live in western Rajasthan. Sindhi Sarangi is the traditional instrument of this group.Bundu with a fabled voice is one of the prominent singers of the Langa community. His singing life began like most of them, as a

Nek Mohammad Langa

Nek Mohammed is another exceptional singer belonging to Barnawa village. When he starts singing with his powerful voice, he leaves the listener with great awe. The clarity in his voice and pronunciation of words is something that attracts the attention of audience. The repertoire of his music include folk songs related to seasons, festivals, weddings,

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