Meherdin Langa

Meherdin Langa, an ex-sarpanch of his village, Barnawa, is a versatile musician. He plays many instruments and is one of the very few musicians to master the rare instrument Surinda. While his sarangi provides rhythm to the vocalist, his beautiful melodies of algoja add sweetness in the air. He performs with vocalists such as Bundu

Malaram Gawaria

Malaram belongs to a nomadic caste Gawaria who sell bangles and other cosmetic products in villages. He adopted playing an autophone instrument called Morchang (Jaw’s harp) which he learnt from his father. Having performed in multiple cities like Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi etc, MalaramGawaria plays Morchang most fluently. His rendering of the highs and lows

Hayat Khan

Hayat Khan is skilled at playing Murli and Misak. The blend of the sounds of his Murli with those of Ram Din khan’s Misak or Surnai is magical. s of his Murli with those of Ram Din khan’s Misak or Surnai is magical. Location: Bhunia, Barmer, Rajasthan Phone: +91 9660961078

Gula Khan Langa

For Gula Khan, who comes across as a quiet person, playing the Murli is a means to convey his thoughts to the audience. He strongly believes that this art must be preserved for generations to come. Be it a wedding or a festival, his tunes can light up the ambience instantly. Instrument: Murli Location: Mate katala,

Ram Din Khan Langa

Ram Din Khan is a Surnaiya Langa, skillful in bringing out the best melody out of a surnai. He is equally proficient in playing other wind instruments such as murli or misak. He conducts workshops for training the children of Langa community in this art form. Location: Bhunia, Baremer, Rajasthan Phone: +91 9660961078 Other areas of

Dodha Khan Fakir

Dodha Khan is one of the senior most Satara /Pawa Jodi or Aljoga players in the community. He has traveled far and wide across the globe mesmerizing the audience with the varied folk ragas he plays on his Aljoga. He learnt this art from a well known musician from Pakistan, Ustad Misri Jamali, and contributed

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